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Roy G Biv pasta salad

  This Is dedicated to Margaret who asked for this recipe and I told her it was here, but it wasn’t until now. Also to all the funny, clever, colorful, smart women who make me laugh when I need it … Continue reading

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Candies Cornbread

This is by far the most popular recipe I have ever posted, the funny thing is I have made it for so many years that I no longer measure anything. So I had to go back and make it again … Continue reading

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Lets talk Turkey Dressing, not stuffing…

Turkey and Dressing is important to me. It’s a meal that gets cooked once a year and in my mind it needs to pretty much dazzle. So I go to a lot of trouble to make it a shining meal … Continue reading

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Comfort Food and all that means, to me at least

Comfort food is a term used very widely these days, and it means a lot of different things to different people and different cultures. But the common thread here is that it is usually food that you had growing up … Continue reading

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Soup and Love

I love soup. I love a big hot bowl of something good to eat. It can be a big hot bowl of beans, or soupy potatoes (my Mothers special thing she cooked when someone was feeling ill) or a big … Continue reading

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?????? What IS on my plate…

Have you ever been to a dinner or a family gathering or a pot luck dinner where you just had a hard time eating the food, or if you did eat it, you regretted it soon after, like with stomach … Continue reading

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The gift of love, bread and pie.

When I was growing up in the foothills of Carolina, Christmas just wasn’t Christmas without something homemade given to you by someone that loved you dearly. It could be a crocheted scarf or a special dress or a pretty apron … Continue reading

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