Coka-Cola and Lance Toasty crackers

My best friend, Keith and I took an early morning trip to a small town not too far from here to visit a man who is tearing down an old feed mill, old as in, over a hundred years old. We have started a new business, one we have talked about for years, making furniture. Not just ordinary furniture, but useful beautiful pieces from re-cycled wood and “burn pile” furniture parts and various things that most people throw away. I’ve always been a “use it up or wear it out” kind of a girl. I’ve never had the kind of money that would allow anything else. If you think about it, that philosophy has been kind of missing in this society, since about WWII. American prosperity has trashed our oceans, our landfills, our lives, our bodies. But I was so lucky to have been raised by my Granny, Thelma Eaker that lived and scrimped through that war and the rest of her life. So I generally don’t buy new, and if I or Keith can make it, I don’t  buy it at all. I really like old well made chairs and couches, so I taught myself to re-upholster. Seriously, not that hard. When was the last time you bought a couch for $200? I just got a 1950’s french made mid-century Walnut trimmed beautiful couch for just that, heavy as a Volkswagen. That’s because 65 years ago a real artisan took the time to make a beautiful piece of furniture, out of beautiful real materials. That’s what we want to do, but with up-cycled materials headed for the land fill or the burn pile. So early this morning we headed out to meet a man who thinks like us. Just one of the benefits of our new business, we get to meet people, really interesting good people who think outside the box.

So we take off for Carthage, 2 lane road, Keith is driving. That was kinda the first problem, we are like little kids we are so excited to be going on this adventure. So he is talking, I am talking about what all this guy has and what all we can make. And about 15 miles into the trip I get motion sickness.  So the last 5 miles into Lebanon I am barely holding on to the breakfast we had at 6:30. He pulls into a truck stop to let me drive. I am reeling from nausea. He runs in and get me a Coka-cola and Lance Peanut butter toasty crackers. The exact cure for the flighty stomach. I know, I know… Coka-cola is seriously bad for you, with the high fructose corn syrup but I only drank about a third and it is my cure all for icky stomach. A Mexican coke would have been so much better, it is made with sugar, but I didn’t have time to hunt one down. So feeling better we took off again with me driving. We are so excited to be doing this, sometimes we just look at each other and go “man we should have started this 10 years ago.” But things happen in their own good time.

I guess you have noticed this post isn’t exactly about food. But it is about all the things that feed my passion for food. My Granny Thelma, my husband Keith and my son Nate, and the love and joy I have for all these people. So wish us luck!! But this feels right, our journey is going in a true direction. Food is coming back next blog, I promised you cake and pie and you will get it.

In the meantime…stuff 025thelma_nate~     

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