La Schooch and the Great V8 adventure

Dear Heavens Above, my beagledog, Schoochie La Loochie and one of her sidekicks, Joe Elvis got SKUNKED at 1 a.m. this morning. SO not conducive to a good nights sleep. I had woken up about 12:30 a.m. to the clicking of little doggie toenails on the hardwood up and down the hall, so naturally I got up to see what was going on. Schooch just had to go out, had to go out, like right now! Joe-Joe, the fluffy black cat, was pacing up and down with her, although he could have gone out the kitty door at any time, he was being helpful, so I sleepily walked over to the door and let Schooch and Joe out, as apparently Joe was acting as sidekick/pilotfish for the adventure, I sat down on the couch to await their return, when Joe-Joe shot through the cat door like he had been lit on fire, and ran down the hall and through our bedroom in the amount of time it took me to smell it. Ah CRAP, major skunk smell, I looked on the deck and no Schoochie to be seen, so I ran to the bedroom to get my glasses as I am as blind as a bat without them although hindsight tells me I could have found her by smell. My sweet husband wakes up to me cussing a blue streak, and jumps up, slinging his shorts on to go find The Beagle. She was right outside the back door by then and ran in as soon as he opened it. HE started cussing a blue streak, and herded her into the master bathroom to try and wash her SOMEHOW. Now, I am here to tell you that THIS was no pleasant off in the distance, oh there’s a skunk smell, this was a MAJOR Mustard Gas, gonna choke you to death, with tears running down you face, acid in your throat, bronchi shutting down, no oxygen getting to your blood stream, SKUNK BOMB! I can’t even imagine how the dog and cat felt. There is a recipe for getting skunk off of animals, this is the south, we have a recipe for everything. I however, DID NOT have 1 of the major ingredients. So the old country way to clean a dog or cat or both of the oily skunkiness is tomato juice (as in bath the animal in it). Which I also didn’t have. I did however have V8. So grabbing the 6 single serve size cans of V8, and the dog shampoo I ran to the bath to help my husband who was now sitting on the edge of the tub with his feet in the tub, hosing down the dog waiting for the juice. Which he poured onto her head, as she had taken the hit mostly on the snout and in her eyes. Hubby is cussing and crying and coughing and scrubbing. Now if I might pause here to add something very important, is this a wonderful man or what? He is not insisting that we leave her royal skunkiness outside for the night or even insisting that as a pet parent I am the one responsible for this middle of the night horror, and therefore should also be responsible for cleaning it up. Nope he jumps right in and V8’s the dog. What a man! By now the dog looks as if she is bloody from head to “no longer wagging” tail, Joe-Joe is sitting in the corner with dread in his eyes, watching the action, knowing he’s next and I can’t help but laugh, because really, its always something isn’t it? One of my Granny’s favorite sayin’s was “If it ain’t spiders, its pissants!” So. Damn. True.

By the way it is REALLY hard to wash a cat in V8 juice, it pisses them off and they get slicker than anything and hard to hold on to, try not to ever get yourself in a position where you have to do this, take my word for it.

So here is the recipe for DE-SKUNK, although I’ll have to say the V8 was pretty miraculous, actually better than plain tomato juice, or else my nose has actually stopped working from the over whelming skunk smell that is still hanging out at my house, I’ve hosed down the bathroom and have an industrial commercial fan pointed out the window to suck air through the house but its still quiet skunkie!

1 quart hydrogen peroxide

1/2 cup baking soda

1 tablespoon original blue Dawn

mix it up put it on the animal let it sit 15 minutes and rinse and repeat if necessary

I would not ever use this on an animals face as it is caustic and could definitely cause pain and possible injury. In Schoochie’s case it would not have helped with the worst part which was her snout and around her eyes. She don’t smell like roses this morning but I put some more V8 on a washcloth and washed and rinsed her face again, now she kinda smells like vegetable soup.

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2 Responses to La Schooch and the Great V8 adventure

  1. Judy Watson says:

    My laugh for the day : ) even though I’m sure this was not laughable in the middle of the night! What a rude awakening, poor pup, poor kitty, poor Keith and Candace! But I am still kinda chuckling !

  2. JR says:

    now where is the bagle recipe I sent you?

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