The Good, the Bad and the WRONG!

I love being wrong for really good reasons.  As y’all know I went off on a rant a few weeks ago. A rant about people not stepping up and doing the right thing. Boy was I wrong. That was PRE Boston Marathon Bombing, I refuse to call it a tragedy. That does not give the event enough weight or sobering reality. The word tragedy sounds like an accident, it is too far removed from what I think most people are feeling about what happened. Yes it was tragic, but it mostly was horrific and unnecessary. But it happened as a lot of things do these days, out of the blue and beyond reason. AND this is where you get to hear me say I was wrong, A LOT OF PEOPLE DID THE RIGHT THING!!!! I was wrong. And saved lives because they did the right thing. I was wrong and I love love love that. People stepped up and kept the wounded calm and kept them from bleeding out and carried bloody broken mangled bodies to get them help. These people stepped in, human to human with a generosity of spirit, that showed their absolute human kindness at great risk to themselves, not knowing if they would be next. All humans. All Kind. I am grateful for the faith they restored in me, the faith in my community of humans, most of us actually do the right thing, most of the time. As for the 2 young men who beget the absolute chaos of pain and death and lives altered forever, I can only wonder what went so wrong that they ended up here in hatred.

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