I love good food!

I love good food! Food that is prepared by loving hands. Food that is as fresh as possible. I haven’t knowingly eaten canned soup in decades, nor would I consider using it. And I love soup, I do use canned or boxed broth just to get a deep flavor when time isn’t on my side. I think that soup is so easy to make, especially with canned broth, it is my go-to gotta get supper ready in a hurry meal. Bake up a cake of cornbread with it and zippity-do-da suppers ready. I recently made a really good cabbage beef soup with hamburger, canned whole tomatoes squished, half a head of cabbage, a box of vegetable stock, a large yellow onion and a can of cannellini beans ’cause its what I had in the cabinet. It was REALLY good, good for you and it came with an added gift, leftovers! I do try to stock my cabinets with certain things most of the time, boxes of broth is one of those things, canned black beans, cannellini beans, canned tomatoes and Ro-tel tomatoes. All those things can be put together really fast to help make a good soup. Some fresh vegetables and some chicken or beef and supper is on. I have a couple of soups that make the cold wet weather that we have here in Tennessee more bearable. One is my corn chowder, a friend of mine had talked about her corn chowder for years, but I never ended up with the recipe. Years ago when I was working really long hours in retail I had gone to pick up my son at my Mama’s house and she asked her usual question, Honey are you hungry? I was, but I said I would get me something. So I proceeded to look in her cabinets and refrigerator. Grabbed the celery out of the crisper, part of a bell pepper, some sour creme, a can of Hormel canned ham (the kind that is the size of a tuna can) a box of chicken broth, some grated cheese and 2 cans of corn. Sauteed off the chopped celery (you should always have celery on hand it makes ANYTHING taste fresh) threw in chopped bell pepper for a few seconds to soften up, dumped in the ham after I squished it up to cook off the gelatinous stuff its packed with, then the chicken stock, brought it to a simmer then added about 4  to 6 oz. grated cheese (let that melt into the broth),the cans of corn, about a half cup of sour creme mixed with 3 tablespoons of flour blended into it (this friends is a wonderful way to thicken ANYTHING, I learned it way back thanks to an old McCalls cookbook and making lots of beef stroganoff, just make sure to blend the flour WELL). And 10 minutes later, corn chowder! It was pretty too, all yellow, pink and green. A crusty bread is good with this, that first night my son came in my Mamas Kitchen and asked what I was cooking, I said I didn’t know but did he want some? Then three of us sat down to a big bowl of really good corn chowder. I have perfected the recipe since then, red bell pepper instead of green, extra sharp cheddar, fresh corn when I have it but good frozen corn when I don’t, but the basic recipe is still the same. Mama asked me that night after she’d eaten 2 bowls where did I get the recipe for it, I said I’d just made it up from what she had in the cabinets, she told me to write it down for her, so I did and now I am writing it down for you. I never did get my friends recipe for corn chowder but I like mine so much I no longer care. Good quick easy supper! The best part is that people will think you have been cooking for hours.

Sorry I was gone from the blog so long, I had some other writing commitments to take care of, but I am back and will be here from now on, God Willing and the creeks don’t rise!

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3 Responses to I love good food!

  1. Judy says:

    Another wonderful recipe! I am going to try this one too! The cake was wonderful and you’ll be happy to know that when I needed to make cornbread last week to send with Darrell and Sean ice fishing, I bought cornmeal, no Jiffy cornbread mix for me!!

  2. Linda says:

    I agree, another wonderful recipe! Glad you’re back. Your posts are always like a special gift and so exciting. Great recipes and a wonderful trip down memory lane.

  3. Linda says:

    The Corn Chowder is WONDERFUL and so easy to make! I’m not normally a not big fan of peppers, but decided to stick to the recipe, used the red pepper and was so glad I did.My family enjoyed it so much. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

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