Long Time Gone, left last week!

Yes, it has been nearly a year since I posted last, and I am sooooo ashamed, but life and other writing has interfered. It’s amazing how easy it is to feel guilty here in the south. Folks we were raised on it! It is our first response to any situation good or bad.
I think that’s a good thing. It makes us take some responsibility for the world we create around ourselves. It makes us take home cooked food to those in pain, at least it does here below the Mason-Dixon line. Probably other places as well, but I’ve never lived anywhere else so its hard for me to say.
Last week a friend of mine, one I had not seen for many years, but one that I was Facebook friends with decided to leave us.
Beyond anything I could have imagined.
This fine man, who was a excellent musician and songwriter, a man who had friends all across this country, took his own life. At first I simply did not believe it could be true and then… I felt guilty, for not calling him to meet for lunch, for not looking in his eyes, for not inviting him to dinner, for not somehow giving him a little piece of my love, face to face, in person. Because that’s REAL, not this electronic pseudo friendship world we pretend in.
I am not arrogant enough to believe that would have made a difference to him. I think he was VERY good at covering his pain, that opinion is drawn from the literal HUNDREDS of people who were, like me, STUNNED beyond comprehension!
He always seemed so happy, he was always smiling, he was always writing new music, singing his new songs, co-writing with people and communicating with everyone in his world. None of that made a difference when he decided to leave.
But I could have cooked him a good meal, Jamie LOVED good food! We ate many meals together, this group of friends, in many different places, Cozumel, Maui, Florida, Las Vegas, Dallas and good old Nashville, Tennessee. He ate with relish, but always managed to keep his very tall and trim figure. I miss you so much Jamie Rounds! Thank you for your excellent company and your enduring smile. I hope you are in the land of milk and honey with fine Guitars, good company, and groaning tables of excellent food. That’s how I see you now.
I dedicate this post to you Jamie Rounds. And the last thing I have to say today is to everyone reading this …
Go call a friend, then put down your cell phone, cook a good meal (or order out if cooking is not your thing) open a bottle of wine or make a pot of coffee and look across the table into someones eyes and give them a little of your love and kindness. They may not be here tomorrow, you might not get a chance to love them again. I’ll be back tomorrow to talk about food again! And to give you a little piece of my love and kindness!

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3 Responses to Long Time Gone, left last week!

  1. Judy Watson says:

    Enjoyed your message, very true!

  2. charlotterainsdixon says:

    You’re the best, my friend. Thank you for all the luscious meals you have cooked for me!

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