Minner Cheese can cure what ails you!

Well friends I have been sick…..REALLY sick for 10 days now. What I assumed was the flu the first 5 days of that time was actually pneumonia, bronchitis and a raging ear infection, it was the ear infection that sent me finally to the doctor, it hurt like my head was gonna explode. The doctor, or I should say his PA insisted we do a flu test, she would not take my diagnosis of the flu, imagine that!

Yeah, not the flu.

I’m telling y’all this for a reason, the end result is that I cannot hardly taste anything, and have lost 5 pounds because of it. I think I have finally figured out why skinny people don’t eat and can therefore stay skinny.
They only have about 100 taste buds as compared to my 3 million and don’t really taste the food. I could be as right about that as I was about having the flu.
So the PA (who’s a tiny little thing and probably never talks about what shes gonna be having at her next meal while finishing up her current meal) puts me on MASSIVE antibiotics, big honking horse pill antibiotics, a cough syrup that will allow me to sleep at night instead of coughing all night (it actually just made me puke and feel like my head was going to split in 2)and gasping for air (inhaler for that) and bed rest and a chest X-ray the next morning, just so she can be right AGAIN!
She was however wrong about the” Oh if you are allergic to codine you can probably still take hydrocodone” thing, hence the puking and splitting head.

So back to, I can’t taste anything…not only can I not taste anything I can’t eat Dairy at least 4 hours before my antibiotic and 5 to 8 hours after my antibiotic. I only take it once a day but at the upper end its 12 hours a day,
I CAN’T HAVE DAIRY. No milk in my morning coffee, no cheese, no yogurt,
no lactinex to fix the mess that the antibiotic has made of my stomach. NO dairy! So not only do I feel like crap, I can’t have cheese. It blocks the effectiveness of the medicine. I SO want it to be effective!
After about 3 days on the medication I realized that I could have dairy from about 5:00 in the evening until 1:00 in the morning. So I had a little milk with my potato soup that has creme cheese in it for dinner 2 night ago, with cornbread, make with buttermilk, but leftovers for lunch were out. But I didn’t care so much it actually wasn’t that good, my sweet husband said it was the same as ever but not to me. Sunday dinner was a pot roast with celery and onions and garlic and carrots and potatos, he offered to make cheddar biscuits to go with it, but I couldn’t really taste that either, what I could taste seemed too salty and smelled like dishwater, hubby said it was excellent.

So today about 4:45 I got a hankering for some of my homemade pimento cheese. I call it,
Candies Minner cheese, and it goes like this,
1 8oz block of extra sharp white cheddar cheese, I like Cabot (don’t even think about the shredded kind it don’t bond together right) and then shred it.
1 7oz jar of diced pimientos (I like the Lindsay brand) drain them well!! like while you are shredding all that cheese.
2 tablespoons grated onions(use a small grater for this)
1 teaspoon grated fresh jalapino (leave the seeds in it and grate away if you like it hot) but believe me when I tell you it gets hotter the next day.
and then add
a dash of ground red pepper
a dash of crushed red pepper (yes I know it sounds like the same thing but hits your tongue at different places)
Mix all that up real good
Then all you do is add about 2 tablespoons of DUKES REAL MAYONAISE
and mix all that in, you don’t want it too runny, it’ll slide off your sandwich, so go easy at first with the Mayo but if it seemd a little dry just add about 1/2 teaspoon of DUKES at a time until its right. It really doesn’t take very much mayo which is why you do that last, the grated onion is juicy and the pimentos are too.
AND YES use DUKES, its the best mayo ever, just take my word for it.
Now the important part
Get 2 big ole slices of white bread,
I like Merita (NO, whole wheat does not taste right) the bread needs to be innocous so the plainer the better.
Slather some minner cheese on it , make yourself a cup of hot tea or iced tea if its summer and ENJOY!!!
I am eating one right now and believe you me, its the best damn thing I’ve had in 10 days. AND I CAN TASTE IT, and my ears just cleared out and I can actually breath through my nose. This is right up there with chicken soup.

My dear friend Charlotte and I had a party for another friend of ours a while back and one of the things we had was Minner Cheese, I had to run out and find pimentos and jalapenos, because the high falutin’ store we had shopped at for the party had neither, I was gone about 30 minutes and she had shredded 3 POUNDS of cheddar by hand in that time. I swear that girl’s a southerner. Everyone who saw that massive cobolt blue bowl (same one thats at the top of this page) of minner cheese never dreamed we’d eat it all.
Yep, not even enough left for a sandwich!

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1 Response to Minner Cheese can cure what ails you!

  1. Charlotte says:

    I’m shocked–and beyond honored–to be thought of as a southerner. Also now have hankering for Minner Cheese. Gotta get me back there so I can have some more soon.

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